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"The Facebook Ad Strategy can make the business hum at a different level."

"He became a really integral part of our business, especially helping around getting leads and getting new clients in the door - he did an amazingly exceptional good job at that.

He's really worked in lots of different areas and that's going to help him not only craft people amazing Facebook Ad strategies, but also help them dig a little bit deeper into other areas of their business."

Nigel Moore, Founder
The Tech Tribe

"the results were amazing!"

About Me

Hi, I'm Bunty SomRoy, 30 years old, American based in Bali.

I've been a computer nerd since I was a kid, building computers and creating websites by the age of 10.

I moved away from the digital world by the age of 16 when I became a bike mechanic that cultivated a love for outdoor adventure.

Biking down mountains (literally) a few hundred times and living at ski resorts to snowboard 24/7 was my life for my early 20s, which I thought was my passion.

But that only got me as far as my life was pretty perfect until I was forced to deal with some personal  tragedy that led to my life spiral out of control..

It wasn't until a 10-day silent retreat (Vipassana) gave me the clarity I needed to pursue the path of entrepreneurship in order to get the next level of life.

I read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" a while back, and while I romanticized about the idea of entrepreneurship, I didn't have enough motivation to move away from a life of outdoor adventure until I faced hardship.

I dove into inspirational podcasts.

One in particular, Tropical MBA, was about the lifestyle of location-independent businesses.

I was hooked.

When I found out more, I discovered the podcast had a community of successful, location-independent business owners that were already living the lifestyle I could only dream of back then.

Eventually, I bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok, Thailand, where this community held their flagship annual conference.

From there, I connected with a member of this community who ran a business accelerator in Chiang Mai, a town in the northern mountains of Thailand, and volunteered for his program.

That was in October 2016.

By this time, I had already started freelance web design, acting upon my previous knowledge of building websites with basic HTML/CSS.

I used that skillset to immerse myself into this community in order to create opportunities.

One of those opportunities was an apprenticeship to learn Facebook Ads so I could run traffic for an eCommerce shop that only used Google Ads previously.

Once I dove in, we immediately started getting sales.

And then I started pitching this service, making a huge difference in the people I helped by bringing more customers to them.

Now I've been managing Facebook Ads for 3+ years full-time.

Upon the journey, I had to learn a metric crap ton about funnels considering that was a bigger lever than the ads themselves in several campaigns.

Looking back, I noticed a pattern that the most successful campaigns were B2B Lead Gen campaigns.

And that's when I decided to specialize here. No e-commerce, no B2C, just B2B lead generation.

More specifically, I've now had experience in several B2B SaaS companies that ultimately led you here.

I hope that this article was helpful to you and that you enjoyed reading about my backstory as well.

If you want to connect, come find me on LinkedIn.

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