Did you know we are a social business?

We're still a for-profit marketing agency.

That means that the core of our business will always remain focused on delivering amazing Facebook Ads for our clients.

And so everytime we onboard a new client, an entrepreneur in a developing country receives a microloan through Kiva's lending platform.

A loan of $3,350 helped a member of the Mujeres Valientes, or "Brave Women," to purchase a variety of ice cream flavors to sell.

Our mission is to support 10,000 entrepreneurs and reach the $1,000,000 mark by 2025

Juan's Story

A loan of $150 helped pay for the maintenance of Juan's mototaxi and to buy a drive shaft system and tires.

Juan is 64 years old and in a common-law relationship. He lives in his family’s home with his wife and children in the District of Nueva Cajamarca in Rioja Province, Department of San Martín, Peru.

Juan provides public transport services with his mototaxi. He is requesting a loan so that he can pay for the maintenance of his vehicle and also buy a drive shaft system and tires. This will ensure that his vehicle operates properly so that he can earn more income for himself and his family. 

Loan Facts

Loan length

8 months

Repayment schedule


Disbursed date

​November 29, 2018

Field Partner

​Edpyme Alternativa

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We believe in empowering people around the world by supporting them in their entrepreneurship that can be created by normal everyday people who have chosen to contribute.

As our business grows by working with more brands, the more opportunities we can find to lend to other entrepreneurs.

We contribute as ​​​​a team to make the greatest possible impact

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