Embarking on a new journey

Oct 8, 2015 | Personal | 0 comments

I’ve been traveling across the Nevada desert on a road trip to Utah. These trips always tend to fall in a transitional period of my life, such as a move or a new job.

I’m new to freelancing…

and I naively scheduled a call with my first potential client when I would be a driving through a small, desert town.
I had no idea just how small and deserted a town in Nevada could be. No gas station, no nothing, maybe a few run down shacks. Definitely no cell service.

I was screwed. Already missing my meeting, I sped from the cruising limit of 70mph to 90mph.

30 minutes after, I finally came across a gas station in the town of Caliente. Still no service. Shit.

Is that a pay phone?

I haven’t used one of those since middle school, when my friends would prank call girls we liked with collect calls (obviously we were kinda awkward).

1-800 CALL ATT

The tune from the commercial was almost muscle memory as I dialed. The call was answered, and I just started my first step to freelancing.

I wasn’t actually expecting my potential client to be able to talk since I was already late.



I grabbed the first thing I saw

Lesson learned:

don’t schedule calls when I’m planning to be in the middle of no-where.
Also, T-mobile stinks.