Client Background:

For Privacy reasons, I cannot divulge the name of the product or company.

The product is a topical medical ointment with an average order value of $100 that cures a condition that over 20% of America currently suffers from, primarily in the elderly population.

This condition is often labeled as a cosmetic condition by doctors and left untreated, sometimes for years. There are several home remedies and other products on the market that cures this, but this product is the most effective solution.

Google AdWords is the primary marketing channel, driving the bulk of traffic to the website and accounting for the majority of sales. There are also consistent SEO efforts being made to optimize for Organic Search Traffic.

Quick Stats


in Adspend ($)

Amount made ($)



Strategy & Analysis:

Funnel Overview

This strategy heavily relied on the existing AdWords and Organic Search traffic. Facebook was used to close the sale for anyone that had visited the website in the last 30 days.

Facebook configuration

Since AdWords and Organic Search efforts accounted for most of the awareness stage of the buyer journey, the Facebook ads were segmented into 2 main categories:

AdWords and Organic Traffic:

These visitors were shown a customer testimonial. This works because they are already aware of the problem and are presented a solution. The video we used was shot using a smartphone in the customer’s home to appear the most natural as possible.

Overall CPA was $37

Facebookizing the video

There were 3 key elements to preparing this video for Facebook consumption:

1) Start the video with shots of the medical condition so the viewers know what the video is about in less than 3 seconds
2) Include subtitles. Ideally, we would have hard-coded the subtitles as part of the video since native subtitles are still small and hard to read.
3) End the video with a call-to-action to visit the information resources we have on the website.


This adset alone resulted in $18 CPA

Sales page traffic

These visitors are extremely hot, meaning they are ready to buy and are in the consideration part of the buyer journey. 

Since they visited the sales page once and didn’t buy, we incentivized these visitors with a discount offer.

Cold Traffic? The Effectiveness of Lookalike Audiences

  • Email list of buyers
  • Visitors of the confirmation page
  • People who watched 95% of the videos

Each of these were sources for our lookalikes. We spent upwards of $100/day for cold traffic. While we were bringing in more people in to the top of our funnel, the cost-per-action would often rise to an unprofitable level.

Ultimately, the energy (time/money) required to continually test and monitor the cold traffic through a 10-14 day sales cycle was too intensive to continue exploring.

Landing page design

Our analytics dashboard showed the biggest traffic drop-off from our middle-of-funnel landing pages.

A combination of Hotjar’s heatmapping software and Google Analytics’ Split URL tests allowed us to systematically test new landing pages.

We never knew that so many people clicked on an image that was otherwise unlinked.




While we came into the project optimistic of scaling this campaign into a new cold-traffic channel, continued testing proved a far more effective retargeting funnel that was essentially Evergreen.

Because of the AdWords and SEO investments the business owner is making, there is a guaranteed steady flow of traffic. The Facebook funnel I built out will always capitalize these visitors into a healthy, low CPA of $28, which needs little to no management moving forward.

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