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Resolved Technical Issue on Facebook Ads Platform – Saving Time / Lost Productivity

With our existing sales coming from organic search engine traffic, we were looking for new ways to drive traffic. Facebook Ads was on our radar – the problem was, no one on the team had any knowledge or experience with it. This, combined with the facts the Facebook’s own support team is almost non-existant, the overall platform having glitches, and online documentation for solutions being sparse – caused a lot of headache and many lost hours of productivity.

In one instance, our ads kept “automatically” changing to Expand Interests and no one knew how to fix it (including those in public and private online Facebook ad support communities). To put to end to our struggles, I connected with Bunty and he was able to diagnose and resolve the problem (it was an internal glitch on the FB ad platform) in a few minutes. Bunty is very technically savvy with Facebook and I would highly recommend him!

Great ideas, simple execution, better results!

Bunty helped me out with a number of tweaks and ideas to move my website from the basic to firing. He suggested a more structure layout and showed me how to use design tools to create a great similar to his examples.
Bunty asked the right questions, then he uses simple language which is easy for me to understand the concepts and implementation.

CSS expert, fun to work with

My business includes maintaining several websites, and often come across some coding tasks. Bunty provided great help when I faced some CSS issues – defining the problem and coming up with a solution instantly, thanks to his expertise in the field. It’s great to work with him; communication has never been so easy. He is a real problem solver with practical ideas, knows the bits and pieces of the field and the trends.

Andrea Papp

Highly Recommend Bunty

I have worked extensively with Bunty throughout a 4-week period. During that time, Bunty was incredibly dedicated to serving others for the betterment of their business growth and the flow of the event. He works incredibly hard and gives 100% every time. I have such an admiration for his commitment and passion for life. For planning logistics of an event, I highly recommend Bunty.

We also worked together designing and editing our website. He is ingenious when it comes to design. He can see things that most people can’t and knows how to make things simple, basic and powerful. For design, I also whole-heartedly give my recommendation.

Chris Reynolds

Skilled at CSS

Bunty is passionate about web development which, in a world of emerging technology, makes him a great problem solver. Bunty is a CSS expert and is very skillful at building mobile first FlexBox layouts and CSS animations. His CSS expertise and his ability to learn, comprehend, and deliver JavaScript would make him a tremendous asset to your project team

Alex Banks
Software Engineer


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